About Photoflow

PhotoFlow is a web-based user interface for the popular Instagram photo sharing application. PhotoFlow is a full-featured website for Instagram users to view their photos, as well as like, comment, and view the photos of other Instagram users. PhotoFlow was made to bring you the most enjoyable Instagram experience as possible. That said, if there is any feature you would like to see added or if you just want to stay updated on what we're up to, click the Follow button at the bottom of any page and follow PhotoFlow on Twitter. Or you can email us! -- support@the-photo-flow.com -- Enjoy!

Picture Purpose
The Home button takes you to PhotoFlows homepage where you can see the most popular photos on Instagram at any given moment.
The Instagram Feed icon takes you directly to your Instagram Feed. When you get there, you can load a new set of pictures from your feed automatically by hovering over the footer section of the page (located near the Youtube icon).
The question mark is the About Us/Info button. It probably took you to this page where you found out a little more information about PhotoFlow, our objectives, and how to properly use the site.
The envelope icon will direct you to our Contact page. Here is where you will find out how to keep in touch with us. By the way, the best way to contact us, is through the PhotoFlow Twitter account or by email. You can follow us on Twitter by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking the Twitter "Follow" button.
The lightbulb is our Food For Thought section.
This button is the Login button. Its gives you one click access to your Instagram feed. (By the way, the one on the left REALLY works!)
The comment button shows the number of comments that a specific photo has at the moment. You should also click it to Submit a comment on a photo in your Instagram feed.
The like button shows the number of LIKES that a specific photo has at the moment. Click this button you want "Like" a photo in your Instagram feed.
Click the Un-Follow button when you want to "un-follow" a user on Instagram. Their photos that are already loaded in your Instagram feed will immediately vanish from your feed.
Click the follow button when you want to "Follow" a user on Instagram. This button normally shows up on the search page.
~ADVERTISEMENTS~ As you can see, PhotoFlow has a few advertisements. One at the top of every page, and one at the bottom. When you are in your Instagram feed or on the search page, you can simply scroll your mouse in the vicinity of the bottom advertisemnt to load more photos...yes, its just THAT EASY! You don't even have to click the ads!
~SCROLL ON IMAGES~ To view and comments or like photos as well as unfollow users in your Instagram feed, just scroll your mouse on an image in your Instagram feed. Simple as that.